Hello im TEE. This tumblr will represent my feelings, my situation, my life, and etc.

  1. hplyrikz:

Clear your mind here
  2. I want to buy you flowers
    It’s such a shame you’re a boy
    But when you are not a girl
    Nobody buys you flowers 
    I want to buy you flowers
    And now I’m standing in the shop
    I must confess I wonder
    If you will like my flowers

    I’ll buy you flowers
    Like no other girl did before

    - Emilie Simon

  3. This is beautiful Liyana.

    click to play #video 

  4. Look at the wall, the colour shine for you .. And everything you do .. yeah they were all WHITE!
  5. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again
  6. Rumah gundik-gundik. Haha
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